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2013|In October 2013, Shenzhen Guoyintongbao was established as the first operating subsidiary of our Group.|In December 2013, Shenzhen Guoyintongbao conducted its first sale of jewellery products through third-party online sales channels, marking the commencement of our online business.

2014|In January 2014, we launched our Internet website www.csmall.cn, which was later changed to www.csmall.com.|In January 2014, our first franchised CSmall Shop was opened, marking the commencement of our offline business.|In May 2014, Shenzhen Yinruiji became accounted for as our subsidiary through the Contractual Arrangements.|In June 2014, Shenzhen Yinruiji obtained the VAT Licence (ICP).|In August 2014, our first self-operated CSmall Shop was opened.|In September 2014, we opened our flagship Shenzhen Exhibition Hall in Shuibei, Shenzhen.|In October 2014, the first direct sales transaction through our self-operated online platform was completed.

2015|In June 2015, our mobile website m.csmall.com was launched.|In September 2015, our mobile app 金猫银猫CSmall was launched.|In September 2015, our Group was an exhibitor at the Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair (深圳国际珠宝展览会) for the first time.

2016|In January 2016, sales through television and video shopping channels were expanded to around ten provinces in China.|In August 2016, we solely founded the Commission of Online Jewellery Retailers (珠宝电商专业委员会) under CECA.

2017|We obtained approval for the VAT Licence (EDI) and the Contractual Arrangements were terminated. Our online business began operating through Baiyin Town.