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Our integrated online and offline jewellery retail structure provides our customers with easy access to a wide spectrum of multi-tier and multi-brand jewellery products anytime, anywhere. During the Track Record Period, we expanded our online presence and our offline geographic coverage by growing the number of our online sales channels and offline points of sale. Such expansion effectively extended our customer reach and increased our market penetration to capture the growing market demand, which contributed to the significant growth of our revenue and profit. 

· 在线销售渠道  Online sales channels  

We maintain our online presence primarily through our self-operated online platform, comprising our Internet website, our mobile website and our mobile App. We supplement our self-operated online platform with our third-party online sales channels, primarily including television and video shopping channels and third-party online marketplaces. 


We have a dedicated team responsible for the strategic planning and daily operations of our self-operated online platform. We have formulated policies and guidelines for various aspects of our self-operated online sales, including standardised operating procedures, warehousing and staff training. In addition, we regularly communicate with our third-party online sales channels to keep pace with industry trends and to offer products that better address our end customers’ evolving needs and preferences.


· 线下零售及体验网络 Offline sales and service network 

Our offline sales and service network comprised our CSmall Shops, our Shenzhen Exhibition Hall, and third-party offline points of sale, being certain commercial banks that we cooperated with.

· CSmall Gift策略 CSmall Gift initiatives

We continue to refine and improve our crossover sales and marketing initiatives. In September 2016, we launched our CSmall Gift initiatives, through which we cooperate with our CSmall Gift partners to distribute our jewellery products as gifts to their retail customers who purchase goods or services from them. Our main targeted CSmall Gift partners primarily include department stores, branded retailers, entertainment service providers, commercial banks, telecommunications service providers, airlines and insurance companies.