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· 内外部设计师  Our In-house Designers and External Designers

Our self-branded jewellery products are designed by our in-house designers in our product development team and, to a lesser extent, our external designers as referred by our cooperated art and design institutions and colleges. As of 31 October 2017, our product development team had 14 members who on average have more than three years of experience in jewellery design.


Our external designers are primarily well-respected artists in China with whom we cooperate mainly with respect to our silver collectible products, such as silver statues and other silverware. Under our cooperation, the artists authorise us to produce duplicates of silver collectibles of their signature pieces that they authorise us to sell. We believe that these collectibles are particularly popular among our high-net-worth individual customers, who have strong preference for jewellery products with premium craftsmanship and atheistic value. We generally enter into agreement with these artists with a one-year term. Pursuant to such agreement, the intellectual property rights of such silver collectibles remain with the artists and we split the sales revenue of such products with the artists based on an agreed sharing ratio. The agreement may be terminated by our mutual agreement.

· 我们的产品设计及开发过程  Our Product Design and Development Process

Generally, we plan in advance the design project schedule for the following year and launch new products on a monthly basis in addition to the rollout of special designs occasionally. Our in-house designers keep close communication with our sales and marketing personnel, who provided up-to-date market intelligence and customers’ feedback to our in-house designers to inspire their designs.


 Our product development process generally comprises five key stages, which are R&D, product design, product modelling, approval of prototypes, and production and product launch. The first stage of our product development is initial product R&D. Our Product Centre works closely with R&D Centre, to collect market intelligence and form a proposal on product positioning for internal approval.